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BNI Kolkata CBD(A) & North Celebrates Its Growth Story: Name Fame Glory 2024

BNI Kolkata CBD(A) & North Celebrates Its Growth Story: Name Fame Glory 2024

An Evening of Celebration

BNI® Kolkata CBD(A) & North recently hosted its much-anticipated Premier Member’s Day – Awards Night – NFG (Name Fame Glory) 2024 at the luxurious ITC Royal Bengal on June 15, 2024. The prestigious event celebrated the remarkable achievements of the region, highlighting its significant contributions to business growth and collaboration in Kolkata.

Historic Achievements

Managed by Executive Directors Bimal Samal, Rahul Agarwal, and Rahul Mohata, BNI® Kolkata CBD(A) & North boasts a proud history of over 11 years. With 2021+ members across 33 chapters, the region has passed 1,31,983 business referrals and closed over ₹2195+ crores (TYFCB) in business in the past year. Notably, BNI® Kolkata CBD(A) was ranked the No. 1 region globally in 2017 and 2019, underscoring its consistent excellence.

Special Guests and Key Highlights

The event was graced by BNI Chairman & CEO Mr. Graham Weihmiller, who shared his insights on Kolkata’s potential as a global business hub. Mr. Weihmiller emphasized the holistic benefits of BNI membership, from revenue growth to lifelong friendships. He lauded the energy and passion of the BNI Kolkata CBD(A) & North members and directors, predicting a bright future for Kolkata’s entrepreneurial community.

Launch of BNI TRENDZ

Adding to the evening’s excitement, the region launched its 33rd chapter, BNI TRENDZ, in the presence of Mr. Weihmiller, BNI India President Mr. Hemu Suvarna, and the Executive Directors. This new chapter signifies continued growth and the expanding reach of BNI in Kolkata.

Recognizing Excellence

Mr. Hemu Suvarna congratulated BNI Kolkata CBD(A) & North for their consistent success over the past 11 years. He praised the entrepreneurial spirit of Kolkata’s business community and acknowledged the pivotal role of BNI in their success.

Voices from the Leadership

Executive Directors Mr. Bimal Samal, Mr. Rahul Mohata, and Mr. Rahul Agarwal expressed their pride and gratitude for the members’ dedication to the Givers Gain® philosophy. They highlighted the collaborative efforts of the directors, ambassadors, and members in building a supportive ecosystem for business growth in Kolkata.


BNI® Kolkata CBD(A) & North’s Premier Member’s Day – Awards Night – NFG 2024 was a resounding success, celebrating the region’s remarkable achievements and setting the stage for future growth. The event exemplified the transformative power of networking and collaboration, reinforcing Kolkata’s reputation as a city that means business.

BNI® continues to change the way the world does business. Keep soaring, keep roaring!

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