Orchidians Embrace Cybersecurity: A Path to Digital Responsibility

Equipping Orchids Students with Cybersecurity Know-how Kolkata, 12th April 2024: Orchids The International School, a beacon of academic excellence, took a proactive step towards fostering digital citizenship among its students. In an exclusive workshop facilitated by experts from the Institution for Cyber Legal Training and Consultancy, Orchidians were immersed in the world of cybersecurity, unraveling…

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“The Tragic Turn of Events: Agni Breathes His Last on Poila Boishakh”

Introduction:In the gripping tale of Colors Bangla’s ‘Pherari Mon,’ viewers have been on the edge of their seats as Tulsi relentlessly pursues justice for Titir’s untimely demise. However, as the Poila Boishakh festivities unfold, the plot takes a shocking turn with Agni meeting a tragic end. The Unraveling Truth:Tulsi’s determination knows no bounds as she…

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Celebrating Musical Diversity: Sourendra-Soumyajit’s Power-packed Performance

A Tribute to Legends In the bustling streets of Kolkata, where culture resonates with every beat, the musical duo Sourendra-Soumyajit has been creating waves with their innovative performances. Recently, they paid homage to the legendary Lata Mangeshkar in a spellbinding tribute concert at the Science City Auditorium. A Symphony of Classics and Innovation Sourendra mesmerizes…

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দুয়ারে “মোমো” শিয়রে ক্যান্সার ।।

মোমো নামের সাথে এখন বাঙালি ভীষণ রকম ভাবে পারিচিত । ভ্রমণ পিপাশু বাঙালিকে লোভনীয় মোমো খেতে আর দার্জিলিং যেতে হয়না । বিগত কিছু বছরের মধ্যেই কলকাতার অলি গলি থেকে রাজপথে ছেয়ে গেছে এই মোমো ব্যবসা। কিন্তু ছোট থেকে বড় সকলের প্রিয় এই মোমো যে আগামীতে কি ভয়ঙ্কর রোগের দিকে আমাদের ঠেলে দিতে চলছে সে বিষয়ে…

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Jeet Unveils First Look of “Boomerang” on Eid: A Game-Changer for Bengali Cinema

Introduction:Bengali cinephiles are in for an exhilarating Eid celebration as the beloved superstar Jeet unveils the highly anticipated first look of his upcoming sci-fi comedy film “Boomerang.” Directed by Sauvik Kundu, this groundbreaking project promises to redefine cinematic boundaries and deliver an unforgettable experience for audiences. The First Look Revelation:On the festive occasion of Eid,…

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