Shubho Bibaho: Bariye Dao Abar Haath: A Tale of Giving Love a Second Chance

Defying Societal Shadows Kolkata, June 13th 2024: “Breaking shackles, finding love’s second chance, defying societal shadows.” Presenting the wonderful journey of two souls, Tej and Sudha, whose paths intertwined, with a hope to offer love and life a second chance despite the predominance of societal stigmas. The Struggle of a Divorced Woman Women, once divorced,…

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Watch the Riveting Biographical Drama “Bagha Jatin.”

Kolkata, 13th June 2024: Prepare for an exhilarating cinematic experience as Star Jalsha premieres one of the most anticipated blockbusters, “Bagha Jatin.” Mark your calendars for 23rd June, Sunday, at 1 PM. Witness the gripping portrayal of the legendary freedom fighter Jatindranath Mukherjee’s life, premiering exclusively on Star Jalsha for the first time on television….

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Bhalobasha Diye Jibon Joy Korar Golpo – Winning in Life with Love

A Tale of Unlikely Heroes Kolkata, 20th May 2024: “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” Presenting the wonderful journey of two completely opposite individuals who, despite their differences, come together to prove their mettle to the world. Welcome to “Uraan,” the story of Maharaj and Pujarini. The Heart of Kolkata…

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“Roshnai: A Tale of Self-Discovery and Resilience”

Introduction: The Journey BeginsIn the bustling streets of Varanasi, amidst the vibrant hues of life, Roshnai’s story unfolds. Raised by her hardworking mother, Roshnai’s dreams shimmer like distant stars in the night sky, igniting a fire within her to pursue her passion for dance against all odds. A Fateful EncounterA chance encounter with Aryanak, a…

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Witness the heart-warming journey of Abir and Pekham

In Star Jalsha’s forthcoming series “Bodhua,” viewers will be captivated by the poignant narrative of Pekham, a woman grappling with profound trauma and fear, and the unwavering support of her husband and his family as she embarks on a journey of healing. Pekham, portrayed as a modern, educated, and self-reliant individual, conceals her inner turmoil…

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