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Hafele’s Inhouse Range of Kitchen Solution

Hafele has recently launched a new range of kitchen and home solutions from our in-house global assortment – the Matrix Drawer and Runner Systems, Free Flap Fittings, Metalla 510 Furniture Hinges and Wire Storage Solutions. These products reflect the strong competencies that Hafele holds in research, development, engineering and manufacturing; and come with the well-recognized quality standards that our brand stands for, globally.

Over the years, Hafele has grown into a reliable and preferred partner in South Asia and is increasingly being recognized as a brand that provides holistic interior solutions. We have every product in our range that can potentially add value to different interior spaces like homes, offices, institutions and hotels; and also create functionality for the different applications within any interior space. With the introduction of our new global range of kitchen and home products, we aim to strengthen our position in the market as a “Manufacturing organization” and will continue to bring in more such products engineered by Hafele that come with excellent quality standards. We believe that this, backed by our strong service-proposition, will lend an unmatched “Hafele experience” to our customers.

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