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SPK Jain Futuristic Academy redefines academic learning

Kolkata, 9th November 2022: Jain Futuristic Academy recently launched their Academy for the academic year 2023 -24 in the august presence of Shri Bratya Basu, Hon’ble Minister in Charge, Dept. of School Education, Govt. of WB.
Jain Futuristic Academy is a one-of-its-kind alternative experiential school which is being setup as a main stream school in New Town, Kolkata. The school’s one-point agenda is to provide a holistic experiential education to its students. The school is in line with progressive views and educational leadership of the future.

Shri Bratya Basu, Hon’ble Minister in Charge, Dept. of School Education, Govt. of WB, on this occasion stated, “Education is the greatest weapon that you can give a person and the Jain Futuristic Academy with its Experiential Education will empower our future generation.”

Shri Jaideep Patwa, Hon. Secretary, SPK Jain Futuristic Academy said that, “The way of teaching which we are adopting a different pedagogy and first time in Eastern India upto primary level. This pedagogy is well established way of learning internationally. Almost all the developed nations are following this way of learning. We people of Sthanakvasi Jain Sabha after thorough survey adopted this new way of learning which is scientifically designed and well established. The reason to adopt this system are so many but due to time restraint I will discuss one aspect that is relating to level of brain and grasping capacity of a child. Basically there are three types of children. One who learn from listening, second who learn from viewing and next who learn from experiencing only.”

Jain Futuristic Academy is housed in a state-of-the-art 1.6 lakh sq. ft. building located in a 2-Acre Campus in Kolkata. The school has been designed in a way which promotes learning not just within the confined walls of the classroom but anywhere on campus. They have created multiple clusters for different levels with in-built courtyards and play facility. Each cluster is equipped to cater to the needs of its respective children in the defined age group.

They have also ensured to on-board qualified teachers and academic leaders who come with rich 25+ Years of experience in teaching and administrative positions. Teachers will be trained in such a manner that the education that they render to the students equips the children for today and tomorrow.

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