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Anticipation is at its peak as Indu 2 trailer drops and the plot thickens!

Post Indu’s release in October 2022, the number one comment that we have been receiving from our viewers is when the second season of Indu will drop on the platform. Anticipation of what is going to happen next has
kept audiences on edge for a long time and now that Indu 2 is releasing on hoichoi
on the 20th of January, the looming question is, what happens next?
Indu 2’s trailer gives audiences a sneak peek into what they can expect from this
season. Family equations get more complicated and the drama quotient is high.
Trust is fleeting and anyone could be behind all the mishaps occuring in the family. A
second death occurs in the family – this time it is Indu’s husband. Indu’s intention to
get to the root of the crisis is common knowledge now. Will she find out who is
behind all this? All questions will be answered on January 20th when Indu 2

Directed by Abhimanyu Mukherjee, created by Sahana Dutta and starring Ishaa
Saha, Chandraniv Mukherjee, Suhotra Mukhopadhyay, Manali Manisha Dey, Manasi
Sinha, Payel De, Mimi Dutta, Judhajit Sarkar and Tanika Basu in pivotal roles. Indu is
a story about a woman, who’s marriage is full of secrets. From finding a poisonous
leaf in her wedding paraphernalia, to receiving physical threats, everything tries to
deter her from entering this marriage, but she does anyway, to find the root of the

Talking about Indu 2’s trailer dropping and the anticipation surrounding this
season, Ishaa Saha who plays the titular character said, “I’m glad that the trailer for
Indu 2 is finally here. The amount of love that Indu received and the overwhelming
anticipation around the arrival of the second season has honestly taken me by
surprise. This season is full of surprises and I hope that the audiences love it as much
as they loved the first season, if not more.”

Adding to this Sahana Dutta, the creator of the show said, “This season answers a
lot of questions that audiences had from the previous season, but the plot moves
forward in a serpentine way and the mystery intensifies. This season is high on
drama and the plot definitely thickens. The entire team of Indu 2 worked really hard
to ensure that it entertains and keeps the viewers hooked.”
Indu 2’s trailer is out now and stay tuned to know the truth behind Indu’s family on
Indu 2 releasing on 20th January, exclusively on hoichoi!

The story continues where it left off in Season 1 with the newlywed Sougato and
Indrani (Indu), where the Dasgupta family still remains in the dark about who killed
Labani. Indu’s life slowly begins to jeopardise and trigger a series of other uncanny
incidents in the house.

Ishaa Saha as Indu (Boro Bou)
Chandraniv Mukherjee as Sougato (Boro Chheley)
Suhotra Mukhopadhyay as Sujato (Choto Chheley)
Manali Manisha Dey as Laboni (Choto Bou)
Manasi Sinha as Indu’s Sashuri
Payel De as Khushi (Boro Meye)
Mimi Dutta as Poushali (Choto Meye)
Judhajit Sarkar as Mihir (Poushali’s Husband)
Tanika Basu as Mili (Indu’s Sister)

Sahana Dutta

Abhimanyu Mukherjee

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