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Apollo24/7 BANGLA SOCCER LEAGUE – Ke Hobe Football-er Champ”

Kolkata, 18th August 2022: Football is an integral part of the growing-up days of every youth in West Bengal. It is a game of passion, skill, and teamwork. A holistic approach will help it harness its full potential to positively impact all communities and lead to physical wellbeing.

With the key objective of achieving better physical and mental health, 360 ESP in hands with Apollo 24|7 presents “Apollo24/7 BANGLA SOCCER LEAGUE – Ke Hobe Football-er Champ”, a 5-A side Soccer Tournament, in and around Kolkata. Before this event, there were look walkers all around Kolkata, where boys masked as players and wearing Brazil and Argentina jerseys interacted with common people. There was a canter roaming in the city playing the theme song to promote this tournament. The Promoters carried with themselves 2 ft * 1ft small Goal Posts and small size 3 footballs. They asked each passer-by around the vicinity to score a goal from a distance and say ” Ke Hobey Footballer Champ ” each time they score a goal. The general public also took part in this event, just by downloading the apollo app in their mobile. This was a unique sight to behold as we see working moms, office goers, school-moms, students, police personnel, and shop owners all get connected with a common bond – Football. Also, there was a quiz session, the winner of which will gifts.

The main motive of this event is to promote football to a mass number of people in west Bengal, as the passion for the game remains unparalleled in this part of the country and the fans are not willing to let go of an opportunity of witnessing this in action. 360 ESP and Apollo 24*7 are trying their best to bring football to its former glory once again.
This event will take place in different parts of Kolkata from 18 to 21 August. This is the first initiative taken by the 360 ESP and Apollo 24*7 where the general public can showcase their talent and prove them.

Date: 18th August 2022
Venue: Golpark
Event: Look walker event


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