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100 TIPS TO A HEALTHIER YOU By Kavita More, Kolkata

17th Aug 22: Sheres Recovery proudly presents Nutritionist Ms. Kavita More’s new book launching. A press meet was conducted at Oxford Book Store to come forward with the release of the book “100 TIPS TO A HEALTHIER YOU.” The idea of writing this book was from her husband, a super intelligent man. Not only does he make her a better person, but also his unconditional love and feedback about the book makes this book better.

To her parents who have made her what she is today always ready to learn and make himself better each day, her father always loved writing and today she has fulfilled his dream. Dr. Rajeev Agarwal and Saroj Agarwal who have always helped her to learn and grow. And last but not least her son Harsh who has helped develop the book ready to launch. Dr. Rajeev Agarwal is a Fertility specialist, Laparoscopic surgeon, Gynaecologist and Podcast artist who has been in the field for the last 25 years and have had the fortune of meeting and working with innumerable Nutritionists.

He said, “Kavita started off as a friend, but we have been working together professionally for the last 5 years and am amazed by her knowledge and commitment to her work. My patients are extremely happy with her simple and easy to follow diet plans and which have the desired results without having to spend all day in the kitchen measuring the food one eats.” He also said that, “I am pleasantly surprised to see the end result and it is with pride that I present to you this wonderful book 100 tips on nutrition. I am sure all of you will learn some practical tips for your day-to-day life from this book.” Tips are given is this book: Benefits of having water in the morning Keeping your metabolism in control Tips for healthy bones & joints Diet for people with diabetes Diet for hypothyroid And many more tips are given in this book. The Guest of honour Mr.Bimal Samal, who is an Executive Director, BNI Kolkata CBD(A) & North, India will be present in the event. The session will be moderated by Mr.Samir Prasad & MC: Ms. Kaushalya Sahal.

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