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Choosing Italy for Movies and Special Events

Kolkata, November 2022: Gianluca Rubagotti, the Consul General of Italy to Kolkata organized a Seminar which was followed by a B2B for members of the movie fraternity in Kolkata as well as large travel agents, media personnel, wedding planners and such to help promote special locales in Italy for shoots, destination weddings and travel and leisure.

The event took place at Saturday Club amidst the Guests of Honor Giodano Bruno Guerri, the President of FondazioneIl Vittoriale delgi Italiani and Roberto Stabile, Head of Special Projects of the DGCA of the MiC at Cinecittà (the largest film studio in Europe). Giordano and Roberto shared detailed film presentations on Italy with its beautiful scenery for films, weddings and vacations, its wonderful food and wines and great shopping destinations all of which have been organized by them.

What was extremely interesting is that Italy gives up to 40% rebates on these larger events and is extremely encouraging of people to come and utilize their places and services.
The important locales which were specifically highlighted for these special events were the stunning Lake Garda which is the largest Italian Lake and located at the foot of the Alps; Collodi, which is famous for Pinocchio, dates back to the 12th century and is located in the Tuscany Region of Central Italy; and Erice, a historic town located on the western tip of Sicily.


The B2B interactions which continued throughout a Grand dinner celebration were very interesting as a number of travel agents spoke to their Italian hosts about their requirements in terms of visas etc. and were assured that once they chose their destinations, the process would be very smooth.

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