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Colors Bangla’s ‘Pherari Mon’ takes a two-year leap

Colors Bangla’s ‘Pherari Mon’ Takes a Two-Year Leap

The popular show “Pherari Mon” on Colors Bangla has taken a significant leap forward, setting the stage for thrilling new developments.

Tulsi Returns as an IAS Officer and Agni as a Youth Leader

The narrative unfolds with Tulsi, haunted by suspicions surrounding her sister Titir’s tragic accident, diving into a world of corruption and political intrigue.

A Tale of Justice and Revenge

Determined to seek justice, Tulsi faces daunting challenges, while Hrishikesh, her father-in-law and a respected politician, becomes a target in a vicious election campaign.

Agni’s Pursuit of Justice

Fueled by a desire for revenge, Agni vows to take matters into his own hands, leading to unexpected twists and turns in the storyline.

Tulsi’s Journey as an IAS Officer

Despite facing obstacles, Tulsi remains resolute in her quest to become an IAS officer, upholding the values of truth and justice.

Conflict and Tension

Two years later, Tulsi returns triumphant as an election commissioner, only to find herself at odds with Agni, who has embarked on his own political journey.

Clashing Professions and Ideologies

As their paths diverge, tensions rise between Tulsi and Agni, highlighting the conflicts between their professions and ideologies.

What Lies Ahead?

To uncover the next chapter in this gripping saga, don’t miss “Pherari Mon,” airing every day at 6:30 PM on Colors Bangla.

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