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Euronics and Hrithik Roshan Renew Contract Paving The Way For Modern Washroom Solutions

New Delhi, 9 th March, 2023: Euronics, a leading washroom automation accessory brand, has renewed its
brand endorsement contract with Hrithik Roshan for another two years. The style icon has been the face
of the brand since 2021, and the company is now super-excited to continue this relationship as both
share common ethos and characteristics. The contract renewal is a reflection of not only Euronics’s
confidence in Brand Ambassador Hrithik Roshan but his innate ability to connect with his audience, but
also the trust that Euronics’s customers repose in his approval of the product range.

Euronics is trusted brand in the market for its wide range of sustainable, innovative & touchless
washroom automation accessories like Hand Dryers, Sensor Taps, Urinal and WC Flushers, Soap & Paper
Dispensers, and so on. The extensive reach of the brand, coupled with Hrithik’s endorsement, has been
successful in upping its customer relations and marketing communication quotient quite a few notches
through sweeping digital and social media campaigns. Euronics has been progressively expanding its
footprints across the country though a holistic marketing strategy to increase its ability to woo

Hrithik Roshan said about this bonding, “Euronics has been a constant presence in my life and I’m proud
to be associated with a brand that stands for sustainability and innovation. Euronics delivers world-class
products, keeping in mind the dynamic demands and choices of consumers.”

Commenting on the renewal of this partnership, Mr. Abhishek Jain, Director, Euronics, expressed great
excitement and enthusiasm. He said, “Hrithik Roshan embodies the brand’s core values of innovation,
style and performance, and has been instrumental in building Euronics’s brand image over the years.
Hrithik’s immense popularity and mass appeal have helped Euronics reach out to a wider audience and
set a stronger foothold in the highly competitive Indian building material industry. This renewed
partnership is a testament to the strong relationship between Euronics and Hrithik Roshan and is
expected to drive continued success for the brand in the coming years.”

Euronics is breaking the barriers of its own path-breaking innovations with progressive and modern
technologies in all its products. For the past 20 years, Euronics has been committed to offering the finest
washroom automation products to its clients and has remained steadfast in this endeavour.

Euronics was founded in 2002 and since then they have a single purpose of offering great innovative
products and services. The idea was to capture the white space offered in the public washroom
automation accessories segment by the fast-growing Indian IT and hospitality sector. Today, they are the
largest selling public washroom automation accessory brand in India. Soon, in 2006, they expanded into
industrial and entrance accessories. As part of our business strategy, they disrupted the entire supply
chain and went directly to consumers. The rapid pace of industrialization and our focus on creating solid
brand value with a direct supply chain strategy.

They identified some critical challenges that the market was facing, and decided to solve those problems
with the help of inventory management and virtual reality technology. Today, they are one to the top
Indian players in the space with a significant presence across the IT sector, hospitality, commercial
building, airports, industries and retail space. With over 25 Pan-India offices, four international
locations, 400+ strong workforce and 5,00,000+ customers, Euronics is a preferred brand to almost
every fortune 500 company and leading Indian corporations. They are working with a vision to grow this
company with continued product innovation, and the use of technology in all their processes.
For more information please visit the following link:
Website: https://euronics.co.in/

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