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Evato, a new player in the transportation app industry.

After India, Three-Wheeler EVS to make a mark in Kolkata – Thanks to Evazon, Mega solution that saves you from burning holes in your pocket and in Ozone Kolkata, West Bengal: Evazon, today announced Evato, a new player in the transportation app industry. Evato is an on-demand transportation service that hires only Electric three-wheeler vehicles to serve their customer base and offers a new way for passengers to hail cabs and avail ridesharing services in a cost efficient, fuel-efficient, environmentally safe and sustainable way. “We aim to transform environment, lives and businesses,” says Tulika Sharma, Director at Evazon India Pvt. Ltd. “Our strong design technical and aftersales capabilities have established our credibility as a trusted EV player across the two, three and four wheelers’ categories.”

Features and Benefits of Evato include: • Franchise owned Company operated [FOCO] model that guarantees • Employing Three-Wheeler vehicles that significantly reduce fuel requirements thereby acting as a cost-cutting mechanism • Implementing Sustainable, Green and Pollution-free practices and resources. • Fuel Efficient Cars that Reduce Emissions by 60% as compared to diesel cars. Helping Employees Avail a Seamless Travel Experience on regular office routes • Recruiting the Services of Minority Groups, Female Drivers and Handicapped individuals The Evato app will be available to passengers starting by the end of November, to download for free simultaneously on both the App Store and Play Store for iOS and Android devices, respectively.

For more information on Evato, visit https://evato.app/.

About Evato: With the goal of improving the environment in our present time and paving the way for a sustainable future, Evazon India Pvt Ltd. was founded in July 2021 as an Indian platform for the marketing and servicing of electric vehicles. Due to its status as one of the market’s first significant organized players, the brand is currently expanding its reach pan-India through a network of 650+ company locations spread over 35 cities. As a result of Evazon’s ability to meet a variety of demands across India, it is currently the marketplace of choice for those buying and selling electronic vehicles.

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