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Karan Johar sought legal action against “Shadi ke Director Karan aur Arjun” 

Popular Bollywood producer and director Karan Johar known for his work in movies like Kuch Kuch hota hein and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam and the popular talk show Koffee with Karan has filed a lawsuit in the Bombay High Court against the makers of the Hindi film ‘Shaadi ke Director Karan aur Johar’ for using his name in the movie’s title without his permission. 

The legal action was initiated through DSK Legal against the film’s producers, IndiaPride Advisory Pvt Ltd, Sanjay Singh, and writer-director Bablu Singh. 

Johar’s lawsuit sought a permanent injunction and a restraining order to prevent the defendants from using his name in the movie’s title. The case was mentioned before Justice R I Chagla on Wednesday, with the court agreeing to hear the plea for urgent relief on Thursday. The film is scheduled for release on June 14, 2024. 

Talking about the film it is a Hindi drama that follows two”eccentric” wedding planners by the name of Karan and Johar, as they manage the chaos of organising “extravagant” weddings. 

The 52-year-old “Rocky aur Rani ki Prem Kahani” director has stated in his plea that he has no connection with the film or its creators and asserted that the use of his name was unauthorised. 

Johar argued that the title of the movie directly referenced his name, infringing on his personality rights and right to privacy. Furthermore, he claimed that the film’s makers were trying to capitalise on his well-established brand name and reputation without his consent. 

Johar petitioned in his lawsuit that the unauthorised use of his name is damaging his goodwill and reputation. He pointed out that the film’s title and promotional materials, including trailers and posters, which have been widely disseminated through public venues and social media, had already caused significant damage to his public image. He expressed concern that the release of the film with the disputed title would further damage the reputation he has painstakingly built over the years. 

Justice Chagla’s decision to hear the plea on Thursday will determine whether the film can proceed with its planned release on June 14 or not 

The outcome of this case could set a significant precedent regarding the unauthorised use of personal names and brand identities in the Indian film industry. With powerful production house like DHARMA, Karan Johar holds a powerful name in the Indian Film industry and with controversies like this that too with such a senior film marker like Karan the film “Shadi ke Director Karan aur Johar” may have to suffer in the box office but after this controversy, if the film manages to get released then it is up to the audience to choose whether to watch this film or not.

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