Home » Lemon  Chillii  Farms  Joins  Forces  with  Dutch  Greenhouse  Delta  for  an Innovative Partnership in India’s Food  Production

Lemon  Chillii  Farms  Joins  Forces  with  Dutch  Greenhouse  Delta  for  an Innovative Partnership in India’s Food  Production

Lemon Chillii Farms, strategically located near the thriving city of Hyderabad, has emerged as a
trailblazer in the adoption of cutting-edge and eco-friendly hydroponic farming practices within
India. With a robust presence in Hyderabad’s B2B landscape, serving renowned
establishments, and major food chains, they have successfully secured a significant market
share within the supermarket sector.

As Lemon Chilli Farms expands its horizons into the realms of D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) and
B2C (Business-to-Consumer), championing nutrient-dense produce, unrivaled farm-to-table
transparency, and sustainable agriculture techniques, they have entered into a groundbreaking
partnership with the ‘NLHortiRoad2India’ cluster, including Dutch Greenhouse Delta, Koppert,
Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects, Hoogendoorn, Meteor Systems, Lumiforte, Priva,
Broekman Logistics, Ridder, De Ruiter (Bayer) and Viscon supported by the Dutch government.
The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed in the esteemed presence of
the Dutch Prime Minister, Mr. Mark Rutte, and the founder of Lemon Chilli, Mr. Janardhan
Rao Yalamanchili alongside Mr. Desh Ramnath, who serves as the Director Business
Development of Dutch Greenhouse Delta and NLHortiRoad2India track leader.
Desh Ramnath is a visionary leader with a track record of fostering international agricultural
collaborations, driving innovation, and creating sustainable ecosystems in the farming sector.
His extensive experience spans diverse aspects of agribusiness, from research and technology
to strategic partnerships.

Lemon  Chillii  Farms  Joins  Forces  with  Dutch  Greenhouse  Delta  for  an Innovative Partnership in India's Food  Production

Together, Lemon Chillii Farms and Dutch Green House Delta share a vision of revolutionizing
the realms of food diversity, quality, safety, sustainability, and health. Their joint effort focuses on
cultivating high-value, residue-free crops in India, thereby promoting local production, boosting
employment within the Indian Agri-tech sector, and reducing the need for transporting and
importing fresh produce.

Through this dynamic partnership, both entities are committed to accelerating the creation of a
clean, secure, wholesome, and profitable food production ecosystem tailored to India’s unique

Mr. Rithish Babu Velkur, CEO, Lemon Chillii Farms Pvt Ltd commented “This collaboration
marks a significant stride towards transforming India’s agricultural landscape. We are dedicated
to fostering a greener, healthier, and more sustainable future for our nation. Mr. Desh Ramnath’s
exceptional dedication and expertise in negotiation were instrumental in bringing this
transformative initiative to fruition. We extend our heartfelt thanks to him for his invaluable

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