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New 25 Shows Names Announced By Hoichoi

Kolkata, September 20, 2022: September 2022 marks the completion of 5 illustrious years of
hoichoi. As it steps into its 6th year, it is almost mandatory to take a look at how significant this year
has been. Firstly, this year marked hoichoi’s creation of 100 originals, making it the only platform to
create 100+ originals in a single language. The arrival of Asia’s Best Crime Detector – Feluda, by
national award-winning creator Srijit Mukherji, as well as creators like Dhrubo Banerjee was also a
momentous event for hoichoi as well as Bengalis all across the globe. Not only that, the platform also
saw a 50% growth in direct subscriptions with a 20% increase in month-on-month watch time in the
post lockdown period. As hoichoi completes 5 years of being the leading vernacular OTT globally, it
has taken some gargantuan leaps and also chalked out an intensive roadmap in three pivotal
departments, namely:

As it steps into its 6th year, hoichoi announces 25 (4 from Bangladesh and 21 from India) new shows
with top creators and across genres. While the reign of the old, tried and tested genres continues,
new experimental genres have also been added to the mix, to cater to audiences across all strata. It’s
no surprise that the love for family dramas and detective thrillers are a unanimous winner when it
comes to our viewers’ preferences, but hoichoi also wants to bring to its audiences, content that falls
outside that bracket and give audiences a taste of the true potential that Bengali content holds.
hoichoi continues to make a statement with more female forward narratives that don’t just consist of
quality storytelling, but also use the platform to give a necessary message to the masses. Apart from
that, the platform also continues to bring forth more A-Lister creators on board to create quality
content for our audiences. While creators like Srijit Mukherji, Dhrubo Banerjee, Anirban
Bhattacharya, Sahana Dutta, Syed Ahmed Shawki, Ashfaque Nipun and others continue their journey
with hoichoi, the platform also brings on board Raj Chakraborty and Arindam Sil to start their OTT
journey with hoichoi! Recurring seasons of fan favourites are a must. The shows that viewers’ have
loved and longed for to return, make their comeback in this upcoming year. So, we can safely ask our
audiences to fasten their seatbelts, as the upcoming year is going to be one entertaining ride!
Find the upcoming list of content and their details at the end of the release.

hoichoi as a brand has always been driven by the motive to provide a well-rounded entertainment
experience to its viewers, from bringing in quality content to technological advancements and an
intensive customer support system. It is this consumer centric approach and a knack for bringing
quality content that has reflected in the form of substantial growth and stellar numbers.
Over the past year, hoichoi has seen a 50% growth in direct subscriptions with a 20% month on
month increase in watch time, in the post lockdown period. There has been a 40% rise in monthly
active users and a 40% rise in international yearly subscriber base. Along with this, hoichoi
continues to have one of the highest refresh rates in India for a single language with close to 5-7
titles which includes Original shows, World Premiere Movies and Hindi Dubbed Originals releasing
every month.

Besides experiencing the aforementioned growth, hoichoi, is now a PnL profitable business as of
August 2022. Last month had also seen the highest direct subscription revenue for the platform
across all three of its user base regions, namely – India, Bangladesh and International markets, all of
which contribute to over a 100% increase in growth.
Moving forward, hoichoi not only aims to expand its user base via direct subscriptions but also make
the platform more accessible to its audiences by continuing to bundle with various broadband and
e-commerce partners.

Existing partnerships include distribution through partners like Amazon Prime Video channel,
alongside being bundled with offerings from several partners. These include – Airtel Xstream
(through mobility, broadband and DTH), JioFiber (through broadband), Grameen phone, Robi and
Banglalink (through mobility), TataPlay and Dish TV network, along with various ISPs, ecommerce
and other OTT aggregators.

On the technology front, hoichoi has launched its revamped android UI to ensure a smoother and
more convenient user experience. The User Interface revamp uses MVI (Model View Intent) design
pattern with clean architecture alongside Jetpack compose to make the user experience significantly
better. It also includes Media3 ExoPlayer to facilitate easier playing and downloading of contents.
The entire code of the android UI has also been re-written in Kotlin programming language to
ensure best results, when it comes to providing the highest quality watching experience to its
hoichoi is also available on Samsung TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Firestick, Roku, MiLED TV, LG Smart
TV and One Plus TV, along with enhanced Dolby Atmos surround sound for the best viewing
experience; which goes on to add to the user centric functioning of the brand.
When it comes to growth, hoichoi believes in taking a 360-degree approach, where it expands and
strives for betterment on all fronts.
Reminiscing about the journey of hoichoi over the past 5 years, Vishnu Mohta , Co-Founder of
hoichoi said, “It’s been an extremely enriching and monumental 5 years. The love we have received
from our audiences has been massive and we are extremely grateful for it. hoichoi has always aimed
to provide high quality entertainment to Bengalis across the globe and have an approach that makes
our customers the crux of our journey. From bringing in top creators, ensuring one World Premiere
movie a month, to developing strategic partnerships for accessibility, to the current revamped UI/UX
with more new features, everything aims at making our customer’s experience significantly better.
We as a platform believe in constant growth and betterment, which has led us to increase our user
base by a substantial margin. While our monthly active users have increased by 40%, our
international user base has also risen by 30%. Not only do these numbers make us ecstatic, but also
motivate us to do even better, as we step into our sixth year”.

Adding to this, Soumya Mukherjee, COO, hoichoi said, “The past 5 years have been nothing short of
an adventure. We had begun as the first vernacular OTT platform in India with the intention to
entertain Bengalis all across the globe in their native language. Over the years we can proudly say
that we have managed to do that, by creating over 100 shows in Bengali with top creators from the
country and having a bank of over 650 films for users across the globe to enjoy. Making us the only
OTT Platform to have this big of a content library in a single language. As we step into our 6th year,
our vision is similar but bigger. Making our customers the focus of our plans as always, we intend to
continue to bring in top creators from across the country to create high quality content. We are also
introducing 24/7 live customer support and overall ensuring the customer journey across our
platforms is enriched. Apart from that, we want to not only entertain Bengalis but Indians all across
the globe, in their native language, moving forward. Key strategic partnerships across mobility,
broadband, DTH and other forms of distribution to increase accessibility not only in India but in
countries like Bangladesh, Middle East and South East Asia, remains one of our primary focuses.
hoichoi as a brand intends to continue expanding on all fronts and ensure that despite being a
vernacular OTT, our global appeal not only continues but also keeps growing.”

01.The story of Indu continues and new mysteries unfold in this season as Ishaa Saha returns for the second season of this fan favourite family-drama-thriller, created by Sahana Dutta.

02.After the massive success of Tiktiki,director Dhrubo Banerjee reunites with hoichoi to bring a story that has adventure,comedy and ghosts galore! Watch Professor Bhootnath and his gang of 4 oddballs go on a quest to fight these irregular ghosts.

03.Presenting a stellar cast and a storyline that’s extremely engaging, Mr. Kolketa starring Ritwick Chakraborty and Rajnandini Paul, takes you on a journey around and under the city of joy and uses unheard facts and trivia to solve the mystery.

.04.Face with his past that haunts him and sends him on a downward spiral. Celebrated Bangladesh director, Amitabh Reza Chowdhury returns with his 2nd directorial venture on hoichoi after Dhaka Metro with Bodh.

05.Saurav Das is back to essay his dynamic character Montu, in the third season of blockbuster franchise, Montu Pilot, helmed by Debaloy Bhattacharya.

06.A tale of friendship, memories, incessant fun and nostalgia. Hostel Days starring Anindya, Rohan, Arpan, and others will take you on an emotional roller coaster and remind you of your college days!

07.You have seen Afran Nisho as the gamer and crime solving quirky detective in the first season. But what happens when he is framed for murder? Witness the second season of Kaiser, directed by Tanim Noor, streaming soon on hoichoi.

08.After the massive success of Eken Babu on the big screen, Anirban Chakrabarti as Eken Babu is here for its sixth season and this time, he’s all set to solve a case in Kolkata for the first time, in his signature style!

09.Directed by Srijit Mukherji, ‘Asia’s Best Crime Detector’ will return for another season in Feluda: Bhuswargo Bhoyonkawr. This time, the story is set in Kashmir, rightfully called the heaven on earth.

10.What is the mystery man set to reveal this season? The dynamic pair of Chanchal Chowdhury as the mystery man and creator Syed Ahmed Shawki will deliver yet another mind-boggling show

11.Four women, Complicated relationships, Emotional turmoil, Lots of Drama and a Murder. Gobhir Joler Maach starring Ushasi Ray, Ananya Sen, Swastika Dutta is bound to keep audiences at the edge of their seats!

12.A tale of politics, love and friendship. What happens when two dear friends are put in a position that demands rivalry?

13.Starring superstar Subhahsree Ganguly in her web debut, and directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya, Indubala Bhaater Hotel unfolds against the context of immigration and the desolation of having to leave someone’s roots. This story is the journey of Indubala from her unadulterated youth in a pristine village in Bangladesh and her new life in India, to become an entrepreneur in her own rights.

14.The Defective Detective is back for another season, with a new case to solve, new songs to sing and a new list of names to forget. With Ritwick Chakraborty returning as Gora, in Gora 2 created by Sahana Dutta.

15.Hoichoi’s very first franchise show, in a new avatar, featuring a new duo! Hello Remember Me brings back emotions of family drama and thrill, featuring Ishaa Saha and Paayel Sarkar, delivered in the hands of Sahana Dutta.

16.Will OC Harun redeem himself in the new season of Mohanagar? Witness the second season of the cult – Mohanagar: Antim Pawrbo, coming soon, helmed by Ashfaque Nipun

17.Documenting a woman’s fight against societal norms, rape culture, victim blaming and her journey of standing by another woman trapped in this vicious cycle. This Puja, hoichoi brings to its audience – Bodhon, starring Sandipta Sen and Ditipriya Roy, directed by Aditi Roy.

18.Pinjrapol, the story of 8th season of Byomkesh, promises to be different from how we have seen Byomkesh before, with Anirban Bhattacharya not only playing the titular character but also coming on board as the Creative Director. The story is adapted from ‘Chiriyakhana’.

19.Being a woman in politics is tough, however it is tougher when you’re specially-abled. A story of succeeding in the face of strife. DM Mallika, Raj Chakraborty’s directorial web debut, is all set to make a mark!

20.The adaptation of the classic by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, Srikanto, Chapter 2 explores new characters and love interests of our protagonist; with Rishav Basu as Srikanto alongside Sohini as Rajlokkhi and Madhumita Sarcar as Abhaya.

21.India’s first recorded serial killer, that too a woman and not just a woman, a Bengali woman. We bring the tale of Troilokkyo, based on ‘Raar Kahini ‘by Debarati Mukhopadhyay. The project has been taken up by renowned director Arindam Sil for his first show on hoichoi.

22.Sampurna’s fight against marital rape, domestic violence and the society as a whole continues, as Sohini Sarkar returns as Sampurna, in Sampurna: The Final Chapter, alongside Rajnandini Paul and others.

23.A girl meets with an accident, her recovery is aided by her extremely loving influential family, but not everything is as it seems as secrets start unfolding. Directed by Sourav Chakaraborty, this show will be a mindbender.

24.When a number of people suddenly die mysteriously and each of them have a life insurance from the same company, the seeds of an elaborate scam isn’t far away. Watch Rajatava Dutta be the puppeteer behind this in The Bengal Scam: Bima Kando, directed by Abhirup Ghosh, while Kinjal Nanda and Sonamoni Saha investigate the truth behind this!

25.The story of a woman wronged and her quest to seek revenge in her next birth forms the crux of this family drama thriller, starring Madhumita Sarcar.


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