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‘তোমায় হৃদ মাঝারে রাখবো’

‘তোমায় হৃদ মাঝারে রাখবো’

বিষয় – নায়ক নায়িকার বিয়ে
মায়ের কথা রাখতে মীরাকে বিয়ে করতে রাজি হয় শ্যাম। কিন্তু তার মন প্রাণ জুড়ে রয়েছে কেবলই রাধা। সমীরকে বিয়ে করে রাধা আপতত সেনগুপ্ত ভিলার বাইরে। কিন্তু দিদির বিয়ে সে দিতে চায় নিজের হাতে। বিয়েতে কি রাধাকে দেখতে পাবে শ্যাম? রাধাকে দেখতে পেলে কি শেষ পর্যন্ত বিয়েতে রাজি হবে শ্যাম?


English Press Note


The Wedding Special Episode Of Aakash Aath’s ‘Tomaay Hridhmajhare Raakhbo’ Shot


– To be aired in mid-December’22 –


Kolkata, 18th November, 2022: Aakash Aath, a leading General Entertainment Channel (GEC) of the region, is set to showcase a specially curated Wedding – Special episode in the recently launched mega serial ‘Tomaay Hridhmajhare Raakhbo’.


In the forthcoming special episode, the viewers are going to witness a unique twist in the story. Through innumerable ups and downs, finally it’s time when Shyam (played by Parthiv Banerjee) will finally tie the knot with Meera (played by Katha Chakraborty) and they get bound together in sacred matrimony.


‘Tomaay Hridmajhare Raakhbo’, explores the tale of the prosperous Roychowdhury family whose prosperity is diminishing with time. Radha (Priyantika Karmakar) and Meera are the two daughters of this family. Meera, being the elder sister, takes the major responsibility of running the home on her shoulders and sacrifices her own education. Radha, on the other hand, emerges to be a meritorious student and aspires to become a lawyer. The twist happens when a man, Shyam, walks in their lives. Centered on the journey of three young, liberated souls, ‘Tomaay Hridhmajhare Raakhbo’ narrates the saga of the deep affection coupled with countless sacrifices that a person makes to ensure the wellbeing and prosperity of their near and dear ones.


‘Tomaay Hridhmajhare Raakhbo’ also features Kushal Chakraborty as Agnishwar and Pushpita Mukherjee as Bijoya.


The direction of this mega is done by Sajal Bose whereas Satya Ranjan Dinda is the DOP. The Music and Background Score is curated by Pranjal while Saumyabha Goswami has penned the soulful narrative. Upasona Chowdhury has written the dialogues.


‘Tomaay Hridmajhare Raakhbo’ is telecasted by Aakash Aath from every Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm.


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