The New Year started with a galo music launch Asha Audio louriched “Africa Africa’ sung by Ushe Uthup Cricket icon, Mr Sourav Ganguly was the Chief Guest for the occasion. The team behind the sang ‘Africa Africe, Padmashri, Usha Uthup, music directors duo Shiladitya – Som. Ms Apeksha Lahiri, Director, Asha Audio Company and Mr Ketan Sengupta, Lyricist & CEO, Bengal Peerless Housing Development Co Ltd were present for the launch Calendar for the New Year 2023 of Bengal Peerless was also launched on the occasion. The Calendar speaks about Bengal Peerless’s commitment to environmental friendly development along with nature & wildlife conservation. Africa Africa talks about the vast wilderness and comervation of wildlife. For global harmony, there is a need to protect wildlife and how Africa is doing a great job is being highlighted in the song. The music is layered with African beats adding authenticity to the composition. The track is enriched with a bit of Swahili twist. The music for this song has been conceptualized and produced by Keton Sengupta, Lyricist & CEO, Bengal Peerless Housing Development Co Ltd., composed, mixed and mastered by Shiladitya-Som and the song is released by Asha Audio The other sorp. Dade, We Love You’ is sung ciso by Usha Uthup. The song is a tribute to Saurav on his 50 birthday. It is about the love and admiration that people have for Dada, alias Scure Gorguly represents the unshakeable spirit he has and in spite of the ups and down he has faced life, he has fought them and came out as a winner. Whenever we think about a comeback story, we associate that with the career of Sourav Ganguly. Conceptualized and written by Kelan Sengupta, Lyricist & CEO, Bengal Peerless Housing Development Co Ltd, the music has been composed by Tubal Ray.

“Both the songs Africa Africa and Dada, We Love You’ are very close to my heart. The former is based on the wilderness of Africa and gives a message on ildlife conservation for the coming generations. Where in, ‘Dada, We Love you’ is about our love and admiration for our Dada, Saurav Ganguly This song is dedicated to Saurav on his 50 birth anniversary, said Ketan Sengupta, Lyricist, CEO, Bengal Peerless Housing Development Co Ltd. “Apart from composing music, I am a passionate wildlife photographer and have travelled to Masal Mara many a times. When Ketan Da came with the song we were extremely excited and composed the song overnight. The song Africa Africa has a very important message that we feel needs to be conveyed to the younger generation and they should know about the importance of conservation of the wildlife, soid Mr Shiladitya Choudhury, Music Director. “We are extremely privileged to be a part of this project. The concept of Africa Africa is very unique. The footage used are real. The song captures the essence of Africa very genuinely. I hope the listeners will le the song, said Ms Apeksha Lahiri, Director, Asha Audio Company.