This week’s Dance Dance Junior  theme is “Gurudakhina Special Week” where for the very first time, all the 3 captains will be on stage of Dance Dance Junior Season 3 with their respective team members, dancing together.

Apart from this all the participants will be paying a tribute to their real life gurus who has influenced them be it his/her Father or Mother, Dance guru, Lord Jagannath.


Below listed are the participants and the songs they performed to in paying tribute to their Gurus in “Gurudakhina Special Week”..

Anushka paying tribute to Lord Jagannath on the song – Morey Piya
Aradhya & Vansh paying tribute to Satyajit Ray on the song – Apur Payer Chap
Chitrita paying tribute to her dance guru Aditi on the song – Ayat ki Tarah
Anand paying tribute to a dog’s love and affection towards his master on the song – Tu jo Mila

Swarup paying tribute to his brother on the song – Jee le zara
Chinlop paying tribute to school life on the song – Hawankund
Samriddhi paying tribute to her stage on which she performs – Har Maidan Fateh
Sristi paying tribute to the relation between of a guru and his disciple, namely Ekalavya and Dronacharya on the song – Singham
Kathakoli paying tribute to the relation between a Dance Teacher and a student on the song- Tum jo Aye Zindagi Mein

Rittika paying tribute to her Mother on the song – Meri Maa
Baby Rashi paying tribute to her Guruma on the song – Raabta
Arohi paying tribute to Suchitra Sen on the song – Jhanak Jhanak Kanak Kanon
Dip paying tribute to his brother on the song – O Saiyaan

Palak paying tribute to a 3 women family on the song – Roshni se bhare bhare
Arijit paying tribute to his father on the song – Bariye dao tomar haat
Anubrata – Paying tribute to his parents on the song – Silsila ye chahat ka