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Twine Tales delivers a six yard dose of ethnicity with a fusion of ace craftsmanship

Twine tales launched its Durga puja collection in their store located at 8/1C Hindustan Park, Opposite Akar Prakar Gallery and Bunaphile, Kolkata – 700029 on the 30th of August 2022. Boasting of a diverse array of handcrafted sarees, this latest collection is a celebration of culture, heritage and modernity coming together. The heritage fashion evokes slow living with their traditional weaving techniques and brings them alive with a modern twist. Twine Tales has an unending assortment of traditional weaves across Bengal weaved by experienced and skilled artisans.
Sanhita De Moulik, the owner of Twine Tales said, “Durga puja is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India and those five days are a gamut of emotions for every Bengali. In this spirit of celebration, we are happy to have you sorted from “Shoshti” to “Doshomi”, with a range of both classic and contemporary drapes. We are pleased to launch the lightweight, baby soft, gorgeous collection and we invite our customers to explore this exclusive festive range in our store.”

Sanhita further added, “Twine Tales is an attempt to bring forth collaboration between skillful artists and weavers from remote villages and empower them by making their handwork available to saree lovers and a passion to keep Bengal’s handloom traditions alive.”

Twine Tales the name means the story of threads twined together; hence it is the story of the thread that not only creates the fabric but in turn weaves magic with its blend of chic and classic designs. Twine Tales was started in the post pandemic market, with an earnest effort to help the Bengal weavers who did production in anticipation and found no buyers. The owner chose what went with the synergy of the store and displayed them under one window. She believed that she could transform her passion for making traditional and enchanting weaves into a successful business venture.

Twine Tales is a magic filled bazaar displaying an array of crafts inspired by nature telling the story of the art and artisans. They profess thoughtful fashion to evoke slow living and hence leaving behind a lesser carbon imprint on our planet!
The myriad collection of Twine Tales is now available at 8/1C Hindustan Park, Kolkata – 700029. Contact now at 74399 66037.

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