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Magnus Cold Pressed Juicer

It is often said that following a healthy lifestyle is an extremely expensive affair and why should it not be! Whether it is a pre-packaged cold-pressed juice or a vacuum blended smoothie, a whole lot of advanced technology and science goes into the machines that make creating them possible. Instead of having weekly subscriptions with health companies to send you these bottled juices / smoothies at a premium, wouldn’t it be better if you could prepare them fresh at home at a fraction of the cost.

Häfele brings to you this technology right at your doorstep with the addition of the Magnus Cold Pressed Juicer to its range of Counter-top Appliances by Häfele.

The Magnus Cold Pressed Juicer is designed to work at a much slower pace as compared to your regular juicer. It is hence able to extract fruit and vegetable juices without applying heat, the absence of which helps retain maximum number of nutrients, vitamins and enzymes, and prevents oxidation. The inlet tube, MagnaFeed, comes with a diameter of 83 mm and can take in whole fruits like apples, pears and oranges without the hassle of cutting or peeling them. The Magnus Juicer by Häfele ensures that it extracts as much juice as possible from the fruits and vegetables put in, providing an extraction rate of more than 80%.

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