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Platform8 announces its Seven Phone web series

Platform8 announces its 1st fully Shot – on – Phone web series ‘SEVENTH Seventh is paranormal anthology of seven original stories made into seven films which deals with the phenomenon of the unreal world of the dark, the demons and the resurrection of the devil reincarnated. The entire anthology has been shot on a phone, making it India’s first fully shot on phone web series for an OTT. The series has been conceived, written and directed by Arnab Riingo Banerjee. The series has been produced by Ohendrila Banerjee in association with Ring A Bell Flims. Individual Story Synopsis & Cast Story 1-Adoption Synopsis – When a family adopts a 12-year-old girl, things escalate to severe paranormal situations and there seems to be no way out of the evil darkness. Cast-Honey Bafna, Rayati Bhattacharya, Meghan Chakraborty, Mukti Goswami Story 2-Black Cactus Synopsis – Three ghost busting friends get lost in a jungle only to encounter an anonymous man who seems to know more about them than they themselves know. Cast-Anindya Bose, Sreya Bhattacharya, Aniruddha Gupta, Chhandak Chowdhury, Sandipan Tapadar

Story 3-Stranger Synopsis – Young woman driving through the Kanha Forest in Madhya Pradesh has a car breakdown and while stranded seeks help from a mysterious wood cutter. What follows a life changing experience for both of them. Cast – Dimple Acharya, Avijit Sengupta, Monojit Boral, Palash Pal Story 4-Toss Synopsis – A blogger on his way from Kolkata to Varanasi encounters a mysterious waiter in a roadside dhaba. Things begin to get more and more ‘paranormally difficult as the hours go by. Cast-Joy Banerjee, Roop Santara, Pradip Chatterjee Story 5-Toys Synopsis – An old man encounters ghosts in his broken-down apartment which leads him to the discovery of a shocking incident from the past. Cast-Uday Shankar Paul, Korok Samanta.

6-Mirror Synopsis – One man takes a trip to Varanasi to do soul searching. Things go completely Story wrong when he meets his match with a gatekeeper of hell. Cast-Anindya Sarkar , Judhajit Sarkar, Pratik Roy, Manishankar Debnath Story 7- Headpods Synopsis – Young sound engineering rookie explores the collection of a strange curator who gifts him a vintage headphone that takes him on a journey of mayhem and hell. Cast-Sayan Ghosh, Balaram Pandey, Kathakali Bhattacharya About Platform8: Platform8 comes with a plethora of options covering short films, TV series, drama, thrillers, classic movies, musical programmes and more. It comes from the house of Aakash Aath and Channel Eight – which has been immensely popular among the Bengali audience for decades. Platform8 is an on-demand video streaming platform for viewers all across the globe. A freemium subscription model containing over 1000 hours of recreational video content added at regular intervals. A pioneer in bringing Bengali family-entertainment on the OTT platform.

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