Gadadhar Gupta, is the head of a quintessential Bengali family resides at North Kolkata. Gadadhar Gupta alias GOGU , used to be a professional theatre actor during the hay days of Bengali board theatre. Now those halls have been transformed into shopping malls and high-rises. Gadadhar and his Brother Sadadhar believe that this cultural vandalism is the result of non Bengali aggression in Kolkata. Gadadhar has a point to defend his view. Thirty five years ago ,at the beginning of  a play, one of his close friend Siben Sing Chouhan , didn’t turn up with the production money he had  promised. That evening, Gogus` father was admitted for an immediate surgery and when Gogu reached the hospital, his father could only say two words, UT , UT !! ( Camel Camel!) and died.

The Show never happened andGadaddhar was forced to leave Theatre. Till date, Gadadhar is terribly afraid of Camels, and  still looks on for Siben.Throughout  these 35 years, he has attacked many people with his umbrella several times thinking them to be Siben. Both these brothers Gadadhar and Sadadhar , believe this Bengali culture will be doomed soon, all houses in Noth Kolkata will be sold to these non Bengalis, and the Bengali himself will go “In the vog of ma`

Gogu lives in a joint family with his wifeParul and daughter Julia.Sadadhar and Nita don’t have any children, hence Julia has become the main attraction of this house.Julia is now in college and Gadadhar has ordered Sadadahar to keep an eye on Julia.Gadadhar`s Sister Bulbul is a spinster, and she has dreamt of marriage proposals of Julia with the North Kolkata Sovabajar Raj family. Gadadahar is very happy with this news.

Meanwhile Julia meets Anand , a smart rajput guy in her college.Anand tries to speak Bengali in an accent that Julia feels like birds chirping to her ears.Julia and Anandare  very  keen to know their cultures but Julia also knows that her father will never agree to this relationship.

Even in Anand`s family, his Rajput parents are not very eager to mingle with Bengalis. They always eat fishes and meat, the only god they have is Rabindranath Thakur and they don’t even bother to go to temple everyday!Anand knows that there would be an inevitable cultural clash, but still he plans to marry Julia ..Julia knows about their culture through Abanindranath and James Todd. Anand feels that Bongs do have knowledge and it would be good to have a bong wife. They have their own business of clothes at Garia, so Julia and Anand will live happily ever after.

But as luck would have it, onedayGogu comes to know about this relationship and finds out that Anand`s father is none other than SibenSing Chowhan. Siben is informed about Gogu and both the families are at loggerheads.None of them is eager to accept the relation between Julia and Anand.Gogu hires anincompetentSuperi Killer to Kill Siben, Siben tries to buy Gogus house to uproot them from the locality.Things begin to turn worse when Julia and Anand decide to run awayand live a happy family life. Both of them leave for Rajsthan.

Bongs and Rajputs also follow them. A series of comedy events goes on happening during this chase. The Camel ride comes as a shock to Gadadhar and he remembers that his dying father had warned him of these creatures!Bongs and Rajputs find out Anand and Julia, a big show down happens between the two families. Anand and Julia understand that they will never be able to live happilyand they drink insecticide stored in the Kitchen!

Gogu and Siben start arguing, Sibenreveals the fact that he was forced to the leave the stage thirty five years ago  when he heard that Gogus father is dying and needs a operation badly .He  went to the hospital  with the money to save his life but could not. His Uncle had a last wish to ride a camel that he could not fulfil and now today, his only lad died because of Gogu!! Gogu also volleys best of his adjectives and cursesthe Chowhans for this disaster. Both fathers now decide to end their lives and they drink that insecticide from the same bottle .Gogu says it tastes like mustard oil!

Anand wakes up and says that he also felt like that and then Julia also open her eyes and confirms it was  Mustard oil! But second time it wont be a miss.Bong and Rajputs then start a meeting and decide to get Anand and Julia married, Anand and Julia propose to celebrate the marriage in an Indian way, where both the cultures can contribute.

The elaborate marriage of Anand and Julia exhibits some of the best Bengali and Rajasthani folk songs .Gogu asks for forgiveness and wishes that the next gen of Anand and Julia should know how to do business and excel in life, while Siben says that I would like to see them singing Baul songs and writing like Rabi Thakur.Siben and Gogustart their new  production Romeo and Juliet with Anand and Julia in the lead.

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