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Spiritual Education sessions organised by Oneness

Kolkata, Sept: Oneness, a non profit-earning, spirituality-oriented organisation headquartered in Kolkata, invites city residents to sessions in spiritual education. The sessions are organised weekly at the Oneness Centre in Camac Street and conducted by spiritual educator, Harit Ratna.


The sessions cover a range of spiritual activities including talks, interactive forums and practices of meditation, healing and conscious growth. Life lessons are imparted from major religious texts such as Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. There is an open forum for participants to discuss questions on existence and a private forum for the resolution of personal problems. Attendees receive guidance on a variety of spiritual practices that promote comprehensive inner well-being by facilitating healing, mindfulness, stress management and quality sleep. The following are some of the activities conducted by Oneness:


  • Life Questions

Many of us are seeking answers to vital questions concerning our lives. These may be challenges, problems or issues that we face. Or, they may be larger, more complex questions that we’ve always thought about; but never solved. This is an open, interactive session where everyone has opportunities to engage and discover their own solutions.


  • Teachings by the Ancients

There is a vast reservoir of profound teachings underlying the world’s religions. An extract from a major religious text; such as the Bhagavad Gita; is read and discussed. Life lessons from that text are gleaned and imparted for the purpose of sharing timeless truths for deeper self-realisation.


  • Energy Healing

Pain and dissatisfaction stem from being out of balance with nature’s energy cycle. In this activity, different meditation techniques from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra are shared to help one realign their energy flow and dispel negativity. The spiritual educator facilitates the formation of an energy chain; thereby stimulating the sharing of positive energy among participants.


  • Mindfulness

In today’s busy world, we are constantly distracted by various stimuli. This information noise is widely believed to be a cause of anxiety, stress and depression. In this activity, certain yogic practices are taught that help one banish unproductive thoughts and judgements and become fully present in the moment.


  • Immunity

Our environment has become highly polluted and it’s very difficult to insulate ourselves from its toxic effects. Pranic breathing activities provide us with essential defences. Exercises are carried out to enhance lung capacity and ward off infections.


  • Quality Sleep

Sleep deprivation and insomnia are common ailments these days. A guided activity is carried out to help one learn the techniques of “conscious” rest.


  • One-on-One Counselling

Most of us have faced a serious existential problem, question or issue in our lives. Oneness Centre provides a sanctuary for discussing these matters privately with the spiritual educator. Guidance and counsel are provided for the resolution of the issues.


  • Retreats

On various occasions, Oneness organises group trips to different scenic spots. At these locales, meditation sessions are conducted in the heart of nature. These pristine environments serve to fine tune one’s energy flow; deepen the connection with nature; accelerate healing and spur conscious growth.


Harit Ratna, the founder of Oneness, has been creating awareness about spirituality and disseminating knowledge about its practices for the past two decades. He became spiritually evolved at an early age and delved deep in the tenets and practices of various spiritual traditions and religions. This immersion led to the development of his social consciousness and spurred him in adulthood to undertake many initiatives for social development. His motivating drive for launching Oneness is making the benefits of spiritual living accessible to all.


To this end, he has developed the Philosophy of Oneness. Oneness is a state of supreme consciousness in which a person is connected to the the Ultimate—the source of all energy that shapes everything in the universe. In this state of being, a person is always present in the moment. They are awash with love for all beings, yet detached at the same time. They are flush with happiness regardless of the circumstances. To achieve Oneness, a person needs to go through a guided spiritual process for filtering inner barriers that stymie their conscious growth—such as lust, ego, deceitfulness, vengefulness etc. They can then attain a deep meditative state and connect to the Ultimate. Once the individual has connected, it’s possible to remain in this state for as long as they want and experience deep lasting fulfilment.


The philosophy has been extensively detailed in two forthcoming books, FAQs on Conscious Growth and Yug Purush. In the latter work, Harit Ratna has described the journey of the soul from unbalanced existence to supreme consciousness. He has also outlined a theory for the transmission and purification of one’s inner energy. In 2o21, he launched Oneness—the organisation—to enable everyone to access spiritual wisdom and achieve super consciousness. The activities at the centre are based on the eponymous philosophy. Harit Ratna’s vision is a vibrant commune that guides people towards greater self-awareness and achievement.


The Oneness sessions are held every Saturday from 4-7 pm. Those who are interested in participating can register online at https://www.onenessindia.org/contacts/


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