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This week for DDJ the theme is “Wonderland”

This week for DDJ the theme is “Wonderland” where the participants will be performing one after the other “One Level Up” acts on visuals, spectacles and magical performances which will not only amaze the captains and the Judges but also the viewers. Participants will be performing on childhood fairy tales.

Below mentioned are the list of participants and the song they performed on:


Anand performed to Naach meri Jaan

Sristi performed to San Sanana
Swarup performed to Malhari

Kothakoli performed to Kar ja re ya mar ja re
Anushka performed to Jani dekha hobe

Chinglop performed to Aila re Aila
Samriddhi performed to Mon majhi re

Arijit performed to Chanda re
Anubrata performed to Binte dil
Chitrita performed to Divara
Arohi performed to Uri ninde aankho se juri
Baby Rashi performed to Mera nam tu
Dip performed to Prithibita naki choto
Rittika performed to Mere haat mein
Vans & Aradhya performed to Yeh hasi wadiya

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