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Doctor Bakshi IN THEATERS ON 20th January’2022

Dr. Bakshi’s attempt against medical scams helped a lot of people. The path he had taken did not look ethical. But the question appears what is ethical when you are trying to expose a public servant in front of a larger audience?

We saw the concept of “Dr Bakshi” in our last film Pratidwandi (2021). This name serves as a Brand who serves justice in its own way and fights crime in the medical industry.

In this film, which is not a sequel, we see Mrinalini (Subhashree) going to attend a Poila Baisakh festival at a heritage hotel. However, during Mrinalini’s first night while she was covering the festival for her social media posts and vlogs, she gets trapped into a murder mystery and finds her world crumbling down.

Aditya (Bonny Sengupta), is a criminal who we see has just returned from jail and attending the festival where he again gets stuck, as a crime takes place at the heritage hotel.

Shraddha (Maahi Kar) who is a professional classical dancer and has come to perform and attend the festival at the heritage hotel also gets into the mess. How and when is the mystery. Maahi debuted on big screen with the movie Pratidwandi and also working as parallel lead in television serial Jamuna Dhaki.

Enter Doctor Bakshi (Parambrata), a charming and intelligent doctor, who tries to unravel this mystery. Can Mrinalini find her way out of this maze? What happens to Aditya and Shraddha ? The answer lies in this medical thriller.

A brief note on the director: Saptaswa Basu has started his career after completing graduation. His debut film was Network, his 2nd film Pratidwandi ran for 3months at the halls and was highly acclaimed with rich box office figures. Both his film released nationally. His third was Jotugriho with Bonny, Parambrata and Paayel Sarkar as the lead. Doctor Bakshi is Saptaswa’s 4th feature film.

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