: hoichoi’s newest Original ‘Jaatishawr’ starring Madhumita Sarcar and Rohaan Bhatttacharya has started shooting. A story wrapped in immense drama, mystery and emotions, Jaatishawr is the story of a
woman named Roopkotha Basu, who goes to her boyfriend, Aruni Chowdhury’s family home, and starts narrating incidents that happened in that house, kept hidden for many
years, which shocks the family in this drama-thriller.
Madhumita Sarcar plays the protagonist Roopkatha, a free spirited photographer with a love for life and Rohaan Bhattacharya essays the role of Aruni, whom she meets through her work. What mysteries have the Chowdhury Family House hidden, and how will they unfold? Jaatishawr will be streaming on hoichoi in 2023